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The Best Flying Drones

Customized drones tailored to your business needs

You have a specific drone use-case, but none of the off-the-shelf drones fit your needs?then this service is for you.


Propulsion Redundancy

A crash will most likely happen when a motor fails in a Quadcopter configuration. Whereas a 8 motor coaxial motor-arrangement drone is able to maintain balance in the air when one motor fails and still land safely.


Longer Flight Times

Long flight times can be achieve by building drone specifically for use case such that there is as minimal dead weight as possible. Too many off-the-shelf drones are general purpose and made to carry a range of payloads thus flight time might not be optimised. Designing the drone from scratch also allow us to keep the drone compact while achieving good flight times.


Custom design ability including 3D CAD design of airframe, canopy and payload mounts. Thrust and flight time calculation including testing of key components

Fleet Management

Deploy large numbers of custom drones with cloud based fleet management.

Sensor Integration

Add custom sensors to the drone according to your business needs. We will design mechanical mount and power supply .



Custom Apps for sensor data. Visualization and cloud data management support.


IPC 620 certified technician ensure professional harnessing and reliability. Carbon fiber material sourced from certified factories ensures maximum reliability.

Ease Of Use

As easy to fly as a DJI Phantom. Our customized training course covers flying and maintenance of drone and is designed for people with no prior experience.